Call for Plays!

PlagueWrites wants YOU to join us in creating another pandemic-proof theatre project! We have heard from numerous producers/educators that they are in desperate need of flexible, pandemic-proof theatre projects for their schools and companies.  Let’s answer the call with another fun, simple, and collaborative writing project!



Monologues and short (1-10 minute) plays or musicals inspired by/adapted from fairytales/folktales.  We are looking for a wide array of stories written for a multitude of voices.  Please do NOT limit yourself to traditionally Euro-centric stories.  Rather, we are looking for awesome contemporary adaptations of fairtytales/folktales from around the world!

Please do NOT send us adaptations of copyrighted material (Disney properties, etc.) 

Selected plays will be included in a digital collection that will be shared with producers.  Playwrights retain all rights to their work. 

We have created some very specific guidelines for this project, so please read the following carefully:

We are looking for monologues and plays in THREE specific categories:


You have written a piece specifically for Zoom.  

  • You wrote with Zoom in mind, your characters are aware they are on Zoom/another digital communication platform.


You have written this piece specifically for a pandemic-safe live performance.

  • Your play feature a cast of 1-3 bodies and the play can be rehearsed/performed with actors safely socially distanced or even possibly masked. 
    • This may look like: Two characters separated by a wall, a precipice, or standing at a distance.  Remember that the title of this collection is “Once Upon a PANDEMIC” – so it is totally okay if the characters are aware of/discuss the reasons they are distanced. 
    • Your play does not require more than three bodies, but it may include more voices if those additional voices can come from OS, belong to puppets, or use some other creative delivery which keeps the total # of bodies on stage fewer than 3.


You have written a play that will work in either a live or Zoom format – as such:

  • This play does not reference Zoom or digital mediums, but it could still be Zoomed
  • The play does not require more than 3 bodies and could safely be performed following social distance guidelines.
  • *Please note that writing a play for both mediums does NOT make your play more or less desirable, so please write with the concept in mind that best fits your vision. 

ALL scripts should be family-friendly – we will ask if your script is best suited for Elementary, Middle, or High School + 

And lastly: HAVE FUN! Be bold, be brave, be creative! We can’t wait to read your work!

If you have questions, please email

We will accept scripts 9/1-9/30 HERE

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