ALICE IN QUARANTINE: A Drive-Thru Adventure Play

Curious times call for curiouser measures…

Eleven intrepid playwrights have teamed up to write a most peculiar pandemic-proof play: ALICE IN QUARANTINE: A Drive-Thru Adventure. Co-written by Tiffany Antone, Allie Costa, Sharon Goldner, Jen Huszcza, Mildred Inez Lewis, Charissa Menefee, Amanda Petefish-Schrag, Micki Shelton, Taylor Sklenar, Cynthia Wands, and Jennie Webb, this exciting outdoor theatre event was inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

What does “Pandemic-Proof” mean?

  • All scenes have been written to be performed by 1-3 actors, and they do NOT need to be near one another or audience members.
  • As a Drive-Thru Adventure, the play takes place outside and audiences move through the scenes in their cars, creating safe social distancing for all.
  • The carnivalesque atmosphere includes additional Covid-safe drive-thru activities like a Caucus Race Pitstop, Playing-Card Cornhole, and Wonderland Selfie Stops!

Thinking Outside the Theatre Box!

CUSTOMIZABLE! This innovative script offers multiple scene options per chapter, making it highly customizable for your company.

GREAT FOR COMPANIES OF ANY SIZE— Regional, Community, University, and High School Theatre!

FAMILY-FRIENDLY! Fun for all ages.

A bounty of design/performance opportunities! This unique theatrical event allows for an incredible variety of production approaches and provides fun acting, design, and directing opportunities for your company!

This script is now available via Next Stage Press!

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