Long Distance plays on parade could be the answer theatre-makers and audiences are looking for…

Photo by Jennie Clavel on Unsplash

It’s not safe for any of us to get up and close and personal right now, but shared intimacy is what the theatre is all about! In trying to come up with new ideas that allow the show to go on, I imagined what it might look like to do a festival of short plays on parade through neighborhoods…

Imagine your patrons sitting in their house, kids fighting over the remote, bored out of their minds for the umpteenth weekend in a row… Suddenly, they hear music and cheering outside! And then they remember: Plays on Parade is performing in their neighborhood today! On their very street! They usher the kids outside, set up their lawn chairs, grab some lemonade and cookies and relax: the theatre is coming to THEM for a change!

The concept is pretty simple: An array of short plays and monologues written to be performed by actors who are at least six feet apart and at a distance from he audience. You can chose as many/as few of the pieces as you want to/are able to produce. All of the plays are written to be performed in any open space and just a handful of them require additional props/costumes.

All material is family friendly, and some even include water balloon fights/candy drops to make things extra fun for your audience. Casting is totally flexible, and the whole thing is customizable! Does your company have any acrobats or jugglers? What about clowns? Fire-eaters? It’s a parade, so you can add in as many other acts as you want!

Would you like to read the script? If you’re on New Play Exchange, you can read it HERE.

If you’re not on NPX and would like me to send you a copy for consideration, just fill out the form below!

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